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Irma Meadows


KelseyCare ​Member Spreads the Word to Coworkers About How Happy She Is with Her Healthcare Plan and Doctors

Irma Meadows is a bit of a KelseyCare evangelist. A member for about a year and half, she’s been singing the plan’s praises to her city of Pearland coworkers. 
Two of her coworkers have switched to KelseyCare as a result of Irma’s recommendation.

“I told them, ‘KelseyCare is a terrific plan, Kelsey-Seybold is a wonderful clinic and the doctors are awesome’ – like Dr. Cecilia Lowder who’s been my doctor since she joined Kelsey-Seybold in 1999. I’m so pleased to have ready-access to so many wonderful Kelsey-Seybold doctors through KelseyCare. I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” Irma said.

​‘Extremely Aff​​ordable’ Plan

Irma especially likes the cost of the plan, describing it as “extremely affordabl​​e.” 

She also appreciates the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) used by Kelsey-Seybold physicians and views it as a cost-saver.

“My doctors can see everything at one time. For example, when I went to Dr. Anup Shah for shoulder surgery, I needed some blood work and the laboratory was right there. Then later, I had an appointment with my gynecologist who said she didn’t have to order blood work because she saw on my EMR that Dr. Shah had already done so. I didn’t have to re-do the same test and pay another copay. So, the EMR definitely cuts down on repetitive testing and cost,” Irma observed.

Stayin​g with Her Kelsey-Seybold Doctors

Irma, who’s retiring in April 2014, is already looking into KelseyCare Advantage, Houston’s only 5-star​ rated Medicare plan.

“Dr. Shah recommended I go with KelseyCare Advantage,” Irma said. “That’s what I intend to do because I want to stick with my Kelsey-Seybold doctors. I could not be happier with my doctors, the quality care I receive and the coverage I have.”​