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The Ultimate Endurance Race: How Active Management of Comorbid Conditions Improves Care Quality and Reduces Costs

Published on: 7/21/2021

When I began training for Ironman competitions, it immediately became obvious that if one part of my regimen...

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Connectivity on the Line: How electronic medical records bring value to healthcare and make Accountable Care Organizations possible

Published on: 7/08/2021

Remember the leap from traditional cell phones to smartphones? With that single upgrade, we have in the palms of our hands a...

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Under the Microscope: Exploring Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Structures and Their Differences

Published on: 6/10/2021

In a recent analysis of Medicare costs by Avalere, physician-led ACOs were able to deliver nearly seven times the savings...

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The Secret Ingredient: How Ambulatory Care Centers Improve Quality and Cost

Published on: 5/20/2021

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves as providers of healthcare is how to improve quality, while reducing costs. One way we can accomplish this...

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Part 2: The Triple Aim - The Energy Behind Improved Outcomes and Value Through Evidence-Based Care

Published on: 4/21/2021

This blog is the second part of a two-part series that explores how providers in an ACO like Kelsey-Seybold Clinic use the Triple Aim to improve outcomes...

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Part 1: Evidence-Based Care, a Tenet of the ‘Triple Aim’

Published on: 4/7/2021

This blog is the first part of a two-part series that will explore how the providers in an ACO like Kelsey-Seybold Clinic use evidence-based care to improve outcomes...

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Check Under the Hood: Six Tips for Looking Beyond the Surface When Shopping Accountable Care Organizations.

Published on: 3/5/2021

When you shop for a car, it's unlikely that you can evaluate the entire vehicle by the cost...

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Primary Care Physicians: The Backbone and Coordinator of Your Healthcare Team

Published on: 1/22/2021

In football, it’s the role of the offensive coordinator to orchestrate the plays that will ultimately move the ball to the end zone. Without the offensive coordinator...

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Plugging the Leak: How Employers Can Avoid High-Cost Claims That Can Sink the Employee Healthcare Budget

Published on: 1/6/2021

In many ways, chronic health conditions are like a tiny leak in the bottom of a sailboat. It doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat and you can still enjoy the...

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Accountable Care Organizations: Choose this Mindful Approach to Healthcare Spending

Published on: 12/16/2020

There’s a lot of talk about being mindful of the choices in our daily lives and in how we treat ourselves and others. It’s the topic of social media posts and...

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Inpatient Costs Too High? Adjust Your Healthcare Relay Team

Published on: 11/30/2020

Kelsey-Seybold hospitalists coordinate care for hospitalized patients and ensure a smooth handoff back to the primary care physician (PCP) at...

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A Chronic Condition:  How Healthcare Fraud and Waste Increase Cost of Care 

Published on: 11/18/2020

Virtually any healthcare provider would agree that even a chronic condition that is likely to be well managed needs to be first diagnosed and...

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