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Your employer and KelseyCare designed a quality plan to meet your healthcare needs.

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Take a good look at KelseyCare.

Your health is your top priority. At KelseyCare, we want to help make navigating your health — and your health plan — as simple as possible.
A better plan. The KelseyCare Plan. Your employer and KelseyCare designed a plan designed to meet your healthcare needs.
As a KelseyCare member, you partner with your physicians to make your own health decisions. You are in the driver’s seat — your physicians and medical team are your navigators, providing personalized guidance and recommendations tailored to your life and needs.
Kelsey-Seybold and KelseyCare built a plan around your needs, your schedule, and your life. Everything you need is just a click or phone call away with services designed to make your hectic life a little easier, like:
  • No referrals needed to see Kelsey-Seybold physicians
  • Same- or next-day appointments
  • MyKelseyOnline — private, secure patient portal
  • Saturday appointments at four locations
  • After-Hours Nurse Hotline
Want to learn more about KelseyCare? Ask your benefits representative for more information.