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For Brokers

KelseyCare Aetna is a value-based solution designed to help control cost and improve outcomes.

When your clients opt for the KelseyCare Aetna plan, they can expect cost savings of 15 to 30% compared to other plans in the market.

Your employers who offer KelseyCare Aetna will have access to the Kelsey-Seybold comprehensive, coordinated care network. We invite you to get to know the plan’s key care management features and benefits (extras!) including:

  • Evidence-based care
  • Disease management
  • Case management
  • Population health
  • Physician Hospitalist program powered by “Patient Ping”
  • A network structure with no referral needed to see Kelsey-Seybold specialists
  • Access to experts 24/7 and to Virtual Health services 365 days a year

Employers benefit from Kelsey-Seybold’s fully coordinated, Accountable Care Organization is when members select a Kelsey-Seybold provider as their PCP.

To learn more about how our team can help educate your employer groups about KelseyCare Aetna, call 713-442-4356.