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Karen Weahkee

Why the ​​Weahkee family renewed their enrollment in KelseyCare

When you’re the parents of three rambunctious boys, one of whom is an adventurous risk-taker, you want a healthcare plan that you can depend on for affordable, quality care. Karen Weahkee says KelseyCare powered by Cigna gives her and her husband that peace of mind.

In fact, the Weahkees recently renewed their enrollment in KelseyCare for a second year through her husband’s employer, Exterran, because the plan has met their high expectations.

“Prior to enrolling in KelseyCare, my husband and I spoke with some of his coworkers who were in the KelseyCare program. Based on the information they gave us, we felt it was a good move. For instance, one of my husband’s peers had hurt himself on a weekend and went to Kelsey-Seybold’s Spring Medical and Diagnostic Center and was treated and out all within an hour. We liked that. We liked that Kelsey-Seybold is efficient and we wouldn’t have to wait in a waiting room for three hours to be seen,” Karen said.

Efficiency is just one of the advantages of KelseyCare, according to Karen.

Affordable, Con​​venient Care

“It’s very affordable and Kelsey-Seybold’s multiple clinic locations make it convenient, plus services like X-ray and lab work are right there in the same building. Everything you need done is right there and I really appreciate that,” she said. “And they give great care.”

Karen said the family usually goes to Kelsey-Seybold Clinic – The Woodlands, but occasionally visit another clinic location for care. Thanks to Kelsey-Seybold’s electronic medical records (EMR) system, situations like these are seamless, she said.

“My medical record follows me no matter which doctor I see. That’s huge. I don’t have to keep filling out the same paperwork over and over. I appreciate that. It’s all computerized and it’s all documented in one. Each doctor can see the notes that other doctors make, which gives a more complete picture and without me having to go through the hassle of requesting copies of my record and taking them with me to appointments,” she said.

Karen also likes being able to schedule appointments and communicate directly with Kelsey-Seybold doctors through MyKelseyOnline, Kelsey-Seybold’s secure, online patient portal.

“I like that I can access the doctors through MyKelseyOnline and I get quick responses from my doctors whenever I email them,” Karen said. “I like having that direct communication without having to hold on the phone, waiting for the doctor to finish up with a patient. MyKelseyOnline makes managing my health easy – like getting email reminders about appointments.” 

Quality Is a Big ​​Factor

The quality of care was a big factor in the Weahkees’ decision to renew for another year, Karen said.

“Our Kelsey-Seybold doctors are very friendly, and they’re easy to talk to about sensitive things. For example, Dr. Jamal Bullocks did my nose surgery. I thought he was a fabulous doctor. He was very easy-going and gentle. He listened to my concerns. It was a big deal what I was doing! With some doctors, you’re in and you’re out and they don’t know what you’re going through. I appreciated that Dr. Bullocks was interested in me,” she said. “Also, our three sons have all been in to have physicals, flu shots and other immunizations. Their doctors are knowledgeable and friendly. I feel secure in that. We plan to stick with KelseyCare.”​