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Frediswinda Busby

​​​When your health plan is KelseyCare, you have a partner in living a healthier life, says Frediswinda Busby.  Ms. Busby, a longtime City of Houston Public Works and Engineering employee, has selected KelseyCare coverage every year it’s been offered.

“I like KelseyCare. The cost is affordable and it comes with a lot of choices. I can choose from 20 different locations and hundreds of specialists and primary care physicians,” Frediswinda explains.

Peace of Mind​

“I was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer recently. It was a difficult time. The one thing I didn’t have to worry about was my insurance coverage, thanks to KelseyCare,” she adds.
Frediswinda’s husband and two sons are also satisfied KelseyCare members. They’re as happy with the plan as she is.

“The cost is very reasonable. I know my friends who are on other plans have higher out-of-pocket costs. I pay a $35 copay for a primary care visit and a $60 copay for an appointment with a specialist, which is affordable,” she says.
Frediswinda gives high marks to her Kelsey-Seybold doctors, too.

“Kelsey-Seybold doctors are good, knowledgeable, friendly, concerned about me  and compassionate,” she says. “I especially like my Internist, Dr. Felicia Jordan, at Cinco Ranch. She’s really nice.”

KelseyCare Equals Convenienc​e

Having access to an onsite pharmacy, lab and diagnostic testing equipment – all in one location – is a convenience that Frediswinda appreciates because it means less time off work driving to other locations.

KelseyCare also offers free, weekly webinars about health-related topics, which Frediswinda takes advantage of by watching with a small group of coworkers during their lunch break. She says it’s extra touches like this, plus high-quality, coordinated care that keeps her coming back to KelseyCare.

“I highly recommend KelseyCare to anyone wanting excellent, affordable coverage. It’s easier, friendlier and more satisfying,” she concludes.