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Sanchez Family

​​Co​ordinated Healthcare Makes a Differenc​​e – Just Ask the Sanchez Family

With their 5-year-old son, D​ario, challenged by multiple health conditions, his parents did not know where to turn for help when navigating the healthcare system.

We felt overwhelmed and frustrated almost to the point of giving up, said Dario’s parents, Abril and Jaime Sanchez.

Jaime said it seemed he was forever trying to locate and make appointments with physicians and other healthcare providers to properly address his son’s conditions.

Abril teaches at a local school district that offers KelseyCare to its employees. The Sanchez family selected the KelseyCare powered by CIGNA health benefits plan. Once enrolled, the Sanchez family got the help they needed. 

Dario’s parents were contacted by KelseyCare Pediatric Case Manager Vicki Hunter, R.N., who became their healthcare navigator and someone they could count on.
With her hands-on approach, she helped guide Dario and his family through the medical maze and connected him to the healthcare providers he needed. 

All I knew was that Vicki Hunter was doing everything, Abril says.
With Vicki coordinating Dario’s healthcare, the Sanchez family was happy and able to focus on Dario’s health. The coordination also eliminated waste that often comes with a lack of coordinated care and is also a leading factor in driving up the cost of healthcare. 

Vicki is wonderful, Jaime says. She would find the right doctors and schedule the appointments. When I call Vicki, the voice I hear is Vicki’s voice never a machine. I don’t feel like I’m just another number to the insurance company. I feel like they care about me. And that’s what I really like about KelseyCare.​