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For Employers

​​A Healthy Business Strategy

Most businesses consider health benefits as just another line item. And it is – an expensive line item. We offer employers a better solution: a plan option that concentrates on better health to cut costs. Because of the way Kelsey-Seybold doctors coordinate care with patients and focus on prevention and early detection, we help to keep your employees happy and healthy while managing trends and controlling costs.

Better Cost Containment + Better Patient Experience = Better Value

Our physicians are not driven by fees. They’re motivated and evaluated by better outcomes. Kelsey-Seybold doctors work to reduce duplication of services and improve overall health outcomes for every patient they see.

Cost & Quality Control Methods:

  • Disease and Utilization Management
  • Affiliate Provider Contracting-Network Development
  • Claims Payment and Adjudication
  • Case Management
  • Provider Education and Development