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KelseyCare BoonChapman

The health plan proven to keep employees healthier and decrease costs.

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​​The KelseyCare Boon-Chapman Health Plan

The KelseyCare health benefits plan administered by Boon-Chapman provides high-quality healthcare for self-funded companies with more than 50 covered employees in the Greater Houston area.

Members have access to the Kelsey-Seybold provider network, which includes 400 Kelsey-Seybold physicians and more than 1,800 KelseyCare Affiliate Specialists selected by Kelse​y-Seybold physician leadership for quality care.
The plan integrates person-to-person care delivery in 50 specialties, care coordination, disease and case management, hospitalist physicians and hospital partners all into one plan offering. But more than that, the plan delivers superior clinical, financial and satisfaction outcomes compared to the performance of other networks and PPO plans.