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​​Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the KelseyCare plan and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic for my medical care?
Is there a specific geographic area I must live in to join the KelseyCare Aetna Health Plan?
Who should I contact if I have KelseyCare medical benefits and claims questions?
Will I continue to have access to the Aetna 24/7 Health Information Line to speak with a nurse when needed?
Will I continue to have access to
Will my healthcare providers continue to file my claims with Aetna or with Kelsey-Seybold?
What if I become ill or injured and I'm out of the Houston area?
What if I am currently under treatment with a non-participating physician at the time I switch to the KelseyCare Aetna Plan?
Do I have access to Urgent Care clinics?
If I am traveling outside of Houston and become ill or suffer an injury, what should I do if I am enrolled in the KelseyCare plan?
How do I find out which hospitals are in the KelseyCare Aetna Plan network?
What additional services does my KelseyCare Aetna Plan offer?
What happens if I am diagnosed with a serious illness or need surgery as a KelseyCare member?
How can I communicate with Kelsey-Seybold online?
Why should I, as an employer, offer the KelseyCare plan?
What are my employees going to receive from the KelseyCare plan that's different from what they get today from Kelsey-Seybold?
What about my employees who don't live in the Houston area?
Do I have to give up my existing plans to offer this?
Who offers the KelseyCare plan?

Let one of our experienced representatives show you how these large employers are experiencing savings along with membership growth by adding the KelseyCare plan to their menu of plan offerings:

  • City of Houston
  • City of Sugar Land
  • City of Pearland
  • Shell
  • Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
  • Exterran Energy
  • Lawler Foods

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