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Member Testimonials

Rene Silva
Police Patrolman Rene Silva was receiving treatment for Type 2 diabetes through his employer’s health benefits plan.  But he didn’t feel his diabetes was being managed in a way that suited his work and lifestyle. At his wife’s suggestion, he switched to her KelseyCare plan and is so glad he did.
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Mary Coleman
KelseyCare member and City of Houston employee Mary Coleman explains how KelseyCare conveniently provides all of her healthcare needs.

Frediswinda BusbyFrediswinda Busby
“I like KelseyCare. The cost is affordable and it comes with a lot of choices. I can choose from 20 different locations and hundreds of specialists and primary care physicians.”
​​Irma MeadowIrma Meadows
“KelsCare is a terrific plan; Kelsey-Seybold is a wonderful clinic and the doctors are awesome … I’m so pleased to have ready-access to so many wonderful Kelsey-Seybold doctors through KelseyCare. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
​​Karen WeahkeeKaren Weahkee
“The cost is very reasonable. I would very much recommend KelseyCare to others in Houston. I’m highly satisfied with the convenience and quality of care I receive.”
​​Brooke WagonerBrooke Wagoner
“KelseyCare is very affordable and Kelsey-Seybold’s multiple clinic locations make it convenient. Plus, services like X-ray and lab work are right there in the same building. Everything you need done is right there and I really appreciate that. And they give great care.”
Dario Sanchez
Coordinated healthcare makes a difference – just ask the Sanchez family. With their 5-year-old son, Dario, challenged by multiple health conditions, his parents did not know where to turn for help when navigating the healthcare system.